ISO 21001

ISO 21001:2018 – Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations – Requirements with guidance for use

1. Introduction

Although educational organizations and learners worldwide are the main beneficiaries of this document, all interested parties will benefit from standardized management systems in educational organizations.

EXAMPLE Employers who sponsor and encourage staff to participate in educational services can also benefit from this document.

The potential benefits to an organization of implementing a management system for educational organizations (EOMS) based on this document are:

a) better alignment of objectives and activities with policy (including mission and vision);
b) enhanced social responsibility by providing inclusive and equitable quality education for all;
c) more personalized learning and effective response to all learners and particularly to learners with special education needs, distance learners and lifelong learning opportunities;
d) consistent processes and evaluation tools to demonstrate and increase effectiveness and efficiency;
e) increased credibility of the organization;
f) a means that enables educational organizations to demonstrate their commitment to effective educational management practices;
g) a culture for organizational improvement;
h) harmonization of regional, national, open, proprietary, and other standards within an international framework;
i) widened participation of interested parties;
j) stimulation of excellence and innovation.